Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC&QA)
Our Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with automatic computerized machines which givesaccurate results. All the equipments have their software which transform data into computers andprovide comprehensive results and graphs for analysis. All tests are conducted in accordance with various IS Codes, ASTM Codes, BS Codes and other relevant codes.

We have facility to test following materials.

Soil & Rock, Concrete, Cement, Flyash / Pozzolana, Aggregates, Bricks, Steel (Reinforcement & Structural), % elongation, Young's Modulus, Yield Strength, Total Strength, Hardness, Bend, Rebend, GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag), Lime, Tiles, Water, Bitumen, Plasticizer, Concrete Curing Compound, Aluminum Section, Bentonite, Timber / Wood, Ply board ,Solid Block / Hollow Block / Paver Block, Special engineering, materials (on request of client) , Mix Design, Grain size analysis, Hydrometer analysis, Atterberg's Limit, Triaxial shear test (Digitriaxial), Unconfined compression test, Consolidation test (Digitalized), Permeability test (Constant and variable head), Standard and modified compaction test.


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