Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC&QA)
CBR test- (Soak and Un-soak ), Density, Moisture content, Specific gravity test, Shrinkage limits, Directshear test, Laboratory Vane Shear Test, Swell index and swell pressure tests, Chemical analysis of soil,Plate load test, pile load test, concrete core test, Uniaxial Compression Test, Modulus of Elasticity,Tensile Strength,Hardness, concrete (Fresh)- Density, Bleeding, Workability Test, Slump / Flow value,Compacting Factor, Concrete (Hardened)- Mix design (NS,HSC,HPC,DLC,HVFA), Compressivestrength, Tensile strength, Flexural strength, Cement content, Shrinkage & Moisture Movement, Cement- Fineness (By Sieving), Specific Surface (By Blaine's Permeability Method), Consistency,Setting Time (Initial & Final), Soundness, Specific Gravity, Heat of Hydration, Drying Shrinkage,Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, Chemical analysis.

Aggregates (Coarse)- Gradation (Sieving), Water absorption, Specific Gravity, Flakiness and Elongation Index, Impact value, Crushing value, Soundness, Silt Content, Deleterious Materials (Clay, Silt, Coal & Lignite, Soft Materials), Ten percent fine value, Alkali aggregate reactivity, Abrasion value, Angularity Numbers, Stripping Value, Chemical Analysis, Aggregates (Fine)- Grain size analysis, Specific gravity, Soundness, Fineness modulus, Silt content, Water absorption, Specific Gravity, Silt Content, Deleterious Materials (Clay, Silt, Coal & Lignite, Soft Materials), Alkali aggregate reactivity, Mica content, Chemical Analysis, Bricks- Water Absorption, Efflorescence, Dimensions, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Resistance to Wear.


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