Infrastructure & Telecommunication

IDAX has been deeply Involved in engineering and consulting on a large number of infrastructure development projects across India and overseas. Our key personnel have been very active in projects relating to water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment, building of roads and bridges, culverts, Telecommunication, airports, seaports and harbours.

•  Water supply, Waste water, Storm water and Public Health
•  Engineering
•  Pumping Schemes
•  Leak detection
•  Rainwater Harvesting
•  Offshore Platform, Pipeline
•  Urban and Rural Development
•  Airports
•  Ports and harbours
•  Telecommunications

IDAX has been associated with the water resources sector and has built up a broad bank of experience and knowledge in a large number of sub-sectors. Our key personnel were deeply involved from detailed engineering to construction supervision and have been active in many other projects.

•  Rivers, Canals, Irrigation, Minor Irrigation & Lift Irrigation
•  Dams, Barrages, Check Dams
•  Soil conservation & Coastal Erosion
•  Forestry & Agriculturet


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