Design Consultancy

IDAX operates in multiple roles:

•  Lender's engineer
•  Owner's consultant
•  Sub consultant to PMC
•  Detailed engineering consultant
•  Project Management onsultant

The range of IDAX services covers the entire gamut of project engineering from inception to project commissioning, and turnkey design, supply and installation of IDAX engineered equipment.

Our scope of services cover:
•  Pre-project activities
•  Design engineering
•  Procurement assistance
•  Project management and co-ordination
•  Inspection and expediting
•  Construction supervision
•  Commissioning support

Pre-project activities
•  Site assessment and surveys
•  Environment impact assessment
•  Preliminary planning
•  Evaluation of technologies
•  System studies
•  Feasibility and detailed project reports

Design engineering
•  Basic studies/engineering
•  Design calculations and drawings
•  Enquiry specifications
•  Technical bid analysis
•  Vendor drawing review


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